Which is the biggest spice manufacturing company of Jharkhand ?


Photograph of the spice manufacturing unit of Sadguna Masale. 

Sadguna Masale manufactures powder and whole spices in a wide range from Rs 5 pouches to 1 kg pouches in sachets, pouches, jars, and cardboard boxes using a fully automatic packaging machine. The total SKUs manufactured as of today is more than 89. The entire operation from grinding to packaging is fully automatic and the plant capacity is 5 tons per day. This makes the Sadguna Masale the number one plant/factory of spices in Jharkhand and India's leading spice manufacturing unit. All the powder spices manufactured at Sadguna Masale are ground at low temperatures in the SS-304 German Technology Plant with color lock, flavor lock, and taste lock technology. 

Sadguna Masale manufactures high quality spices at an affordable price for each and every house of the country with unique taste, aroma and flavor. Currently, the SKU range of Sadguna Masale ranges from 5g to 1kg, which allows the products to reach entire society in the country. The smaller SKUs are best suited to the poor segment of society, i.e. daily buyers and others, the mid segment is suitable for the general house-hold, and the bulky SKUs are for the HORECA.

All the products of Sadguna Masale have GS1 barcodes to maintain supply chain visibility, operational efficiency, and consumer/patient safety. 

Sadguna Masale encourages younger generation distributors to join hands with the company and take franchisees, dealership, and distributorships. The company encourages 1st generation distributors to join the company with an investment of less than 1 lakh and grow together under the leadership of the founder. In order to maintain a win-win business relationship, the company gives its vendors a high margin (up to 18%) and allows new vendors/distributors to start small orders.